What is the Auto Renewal policy for domains that I have registered?

Domain Auto Renewal

All domains registered with FastWebEngine are set to automatically renew on the next due date. This is done to ensure that your domain(s) does not expire at the end of the registration period. For domains that are set to auto renew:

  1. An invoice will be generated a week before the next due date.
  2. On the renewal date (listed within your Client Portal account) payment will automatically be attempted.
  3. If payment is successful, your domain will be automatically submitted for renewal.

Renewal Notices

We will send periodic renewal notices 60, 30, 15, 7 and 1 day(s) in advance of your domains' next renewal due date. This is done for your convenience — regardless of whether auto renewal is enabled/disabled within the Client Portal.

Disable Auto Renewal

If you prefer to disable automatic renewal, you may do so from within the Client Portal. Login to your account, select My Domains, then View Details for the domain you would like to update, and click the Disable Auto Renew button.

Please Note: Disabling auto renewal will require that you login to your Client Portal Account and manually renew your domain on or before the next due date in order to prevent expiration and deletion.
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