What is my Domain EPP/Transfer Secret (Auth Code) and how do I obtain it from my current Registrar?

Your Domain EPP or Transfer Secret (also called the Authorization or Auth-Info Code) is a code assigned by your domain Registrar at the time your domain name was registered. This Security Code is similar to having a password to prevent the unlawful transfer of your domain name (e.g. the theft of your domain name). The Security Code provides an extra security measure, ensuring that only the true domain owner has the ability to transfer their domain name.

How To Obtain Your Authorization Code

To transfer you domain to FastWebEngine, you will need to first obtain your domain Transfer Secret or Authorization Code from your current Domain Registrar. Ideally, your Domain (Transfer) Secret or Authorization Code should be available within the Domain Name Management Interface provided by your Domain Registrar. In the event that you are not able to locate your Domain (Transfer) Secret or Auth Code, you may need to contact Technical Support for your current Registrar to obtain this information.

*You will need this information before transferring a domain to FastWebEngine.

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